Color Contact Lenses – Why Order Colored Contacts Online

A significant amount of people suffer from blood-shot, itchy, dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a condition where the eyes don’t produce adequate amounts of moisture in the eyes. When the eyes don’t meet a specific level of moisture to maintain their health, they become red, grow swollen and tend to be irritated easily.

To an average person, it might seem as though it’s a miniscule issue. However, the severity of this problem can increase the longer a person avoids having the problem checked out. An eye doctor can ensure no kind of underlying issue need to be treated.

The simplest way to soothe the persistent hassle of eye dryness is through contact lens use created for solving this condition. There’s generally no cause for alarm but a need for preventative measures like avoiding smokey, hot, or dusty atmospheres.

Eyes have a greater sensitivity to particles when there’s no moisture to push these out. Contact Lenses keep the irritants away. However, if the issue is persistent, you must see an eye doctor who might advise the use of lubricating drops.

Many people aren’t aware that there are innovative technologies among the colored contact lens manufacturers who have developed options meant to help with symptoms. These colored contacts have a specific design capable of reducing this discomfort from dry eye syndrome.

Colored Contact Lenses For Dry Eye Syndrome 

Colored Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes is the latest technology from manufacturers to help those suffering from dry eye syndrome. The lenses are created specifically to tackle this condition.

Although, if you have a budget constraint and you want to look at other options to treat dry eyes, there are tips you should follow to ensure the contact lenses you purchase will serve a similar purpose in helping with persistent dryness of the eyes. Some things you should pay attention to include:

1. Know the material used to make the lenses

Materials used for contact lenses

Some of the manufacturers use a silicone base for contact lenses. You’ll also find soft lenses that consist of a flexible plastic with the capacity to let oxygen pass directly to the eye. A benefit is, the particles will find it difficult to make their way between the material and the cornea.

With the silicone, there is a greater level of oxygen passing through with wear. The sturdiest material used for contacts references as RGP or “Rigid Gas Permeable.” These are a much more cost-effective option since they last much longer than a soft lens.

2. Always factor in the size of your eyes

Contact lens according to eye shape

Traditionally, the rigid lens offers a diameter of 9 mm with the colored area lying on the cornea. Now more substantial options are available under the watchful eye of modern doctors/researchers who designed these precisely as a way to treat dryness.

These scleral contacts with their unique dome shape offer a measurement of roughly 20 mm. The lens lies on the sclera or the white area with instructions to saturate saline solution underneath, so the dry eye is continuously soothed.

3. Is your lens solution adequate? 

Contact lens solution

The American Optometric Association recommends that solution reuse causes a loss of effectiveness for properties meant to disinfect. That ultimately creates a risk for eye infection or inflammation.

Some contact solutions also carry specific preservatives that will dry out the eyes and irritate them. Others are merely not compatible with certain lenses and will react.

It’s wise to consult with your optometrist when purchasing lenses on the ideal solution for your specific situation, especially if you tend to suffer from dry eye syndrome.

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4. It might be time to change out your contact lenses! 

Contact lenses

If you’re experiencing severe dryness regularly, whether with or without your contact lenses, it’s the right time to look into new lenses. The market is full of new designs meant to help with the condition. These are especially in the colored contacts line that are among exceptionally popular options these days.

Not only can these give a new look along with improved vision, but they offer help with a persistent, irritating situation from which you aren’t currently seeing relief.

Whether you order contact lenses online – or talk to your optometrist to find the latest colored contact lenses for dry eyes, always make sure to get a legitimate doctor’s prescription first. It should have your fitting information and the doctor’s legal signature to assure the lenses are specific to your details.

When ordering from a reputable and trusted online provider, make sure the supplier validates your doctor’s prescription and ensure they carry the latest in technology relating to the colored contacts that provide solution for dry eyes if you’re someone who suffers from the condition.

Unfortunately, it’s more common than most people realize with the need for long shifts on the computer and more extensive periods throughout the year using the HVAC system, whether for cooling or heating.

Final Thought

Contact lens for dry eyes

The suggestion is that the most straightforward way to handle the hassle of dry eye syndrome is through contact use.

That might seem like an oxymoron because, in most cases, people take their contacts out if they have this issue. After all, contact lenses are infamous for creating dry eyes and eye irritation. Most doctors recommend to only use them for specific time periods and take breaks to avoid eye irritation.

But now the makers of colored contact lenses have created lenses specifically meant to help with this issue. That means contact lenses wearers can use these in an effort to soothe what is a naturally irritated, dry condition based on these breakthroughs. Hop onto this website here for a thoroughly helpful buyer’s guide on colored contact lenses.

That isn’t necessarily granting permission to wear contact lenses on an around-the-clock basis or attempt to get these without a prescription. If living in certain countries, like the United States, a doctor’s prescription is a requirement with a legitimate doctor’s signature for the patient’s safety.

It isn’t saying an optometrist won’t suggest these even if you have perfect vision as a way to combat dry eyes. You could still get a prescription but, in the same token, also get proper instructions on how to wear them and recommendations on where to obtain them.

There are many trusted, reliable online suppliers offering high-quality brands like Misakicon. It’s just important that you ensure any online supplier from where you will be buying the contact lenses validates your doctor’s prescription.


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