Birthmonth Festival β™₯

Heyloooo readerrrrrssss β™₯ y’all must be wondering what is “Birthmonth Festival” πŸ˜€ Well it’s my birthday on 29th of this month so I have decided to celebrate Birthmonth Festival on my blog just like SloJi did for his birthday in August. Birthmonth FestivalΒ© SloWord – OK Sloji I’ve given you credits, Please don’t sue me now!  πŸ˜€ (He has asked me to tell you all to visit his blog and read his posts. He wants 20 readers from my blog, I barely have 5 :D)

I wanted to organize a giveaway on this occasion but I’m not able to find a sponsor and I’m not in a position to host it by myself, Really sorry for that! πŸ™ I’ll just thank every single person who reads my posts and appreciates them, It truly means a lot to me. β™₯ Please keep the love flowing in, it encourages me to write more. ^_^  I am not going to do anything especial on this Birthmonth Festival, I have just changed the header (Credits – Freepik) and it’ll stay until 31st October. I’ll write a post on 29th or 30th in which I’ll feature all the messages/e-cards I get on my birthday and my birthday cake too. πŸ˜€ You can send me your wishes at or on my Instagram account. I am actually telling you all to WISH ME ON 29TH OF OCTOBER OTHERWISE I WON’T SHARE MY BIRTHDAY CAKE WITH YOU, Just kidding πŸ˜› or maybe not.  πŸ˜€

This birthday is going to be special for me because I am turning 18 and it means that I’ll finally be able to get my Driving license, Voter ID card, Bank account, PAN Card..   and.. ahemm.. many more things which don’t need to be mentioned here.  πŸ˜€

I like to celebrate my birthday with my parents and no one else, How do you celebrate yours? Let me know in the comments below! Share your birthdate too so that I can wish you.  πŸ˜€ Love you all β™₯

P.S – October babies rock!!!!!!  πŸ˜‰

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Get Long Hair Instantly With CC Hair Extensions!

Not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and long hair. If you want to add some length to your hair then CC Hair Extensions are here for you! 

I was really surprised when I saw their collection of hair extensions on their website because they’ve so much variety! Be it clip in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions or hair weave, They have everything! Man, I didn’t even know that so many types of hair extensions exist! I have been (badly)craving for long hair ever since my hairdresser-chopped-off-too-much-hair-length accident happened in June, now I am left with chin length bob which really annoys me, I am sure that I am not the only girl in the world who is not happy with her current hair length, Well that’s when hair extensions come to the rescue! Thanks to the person who invented them!  πŸ˜€

Most of the hair wigs(extensions) are made up of artificial fibres and they’re very unnatural looking but CC Hair Extensions are made up of 100% natural human hair and come in highly reasonable prices! No one will be able to figure out that you are wearing hair extensions because they will completely blend with your natural hair! Now let me give you a small walkthrough of their site – And the products they offer..

It is pretty easy to navigate through their site. You’re given the option to select what type of product you want on the homepage itself. I feel that this type of website design saves a lot of time of the customers! 
CC Hair Extensions

Their hair extensions come in variety of colour and sizes ranging from 15″ to 30″. Here are some of them..

clip in hair extensions (left to right – Straight, Yaki, Wavy)

Pre Bonded/U Tip hair extensions

micro loop hair extensions

Out of all these varieties, I liked the Clip-In hair extensions the most because they’re very convenient to use, you can apply them and take them off by yourself easily! They have many more colours, textures and varieties of hair extension available on their website so don’t forget to check it out.  πŸ™‚ Let me know what you shop from them in the comment below.

* Sponsored Post 

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Lakme Nail Colour Remover Review

It’s time to remove this gorgeous red nail paint! πŸ™  So I am taking this opportunity to review Lakme Nail Colour Remover which I recently repurchased.

Lakme Nail Colour Remover comes in a glass bottle so you have to be  really careful while using & storing it. It has a plastic stopper with small whole so it drops adequate amount of product to cotton swab, 2 drops are enough to remove nail paint on one finger, let me show you the example.

I am wearing two coats of nail paint (no base coat or top coat) I reviewed here. You can see it has faded a bit on tips, it could last for 2-3 days more but I am removing it because I’ve to review another beautiful nail paint,  stay tuned. πŸ™‚

It completely removes the nail paint but since I was wearing a darker one so it left behind pinkish stains. The formula kind of dries my nails and you can see it in the pic.

What I like about Lakme Nail Colour Remover 

β€’ Super affordable & easily available in market.

β€’ The plastic stopper is perfect because it drops enough amount of product. Other brands have really crappy stoppers.

β€’ Removes the nail paint completely.

What I don’t like about Lakme Nail Colour Remover 

β€’ It smells!

β€’ Dries my nails a bit.

β€’ Comes in a glass bottle and it can break in 1 2 3.

Overall I quiet like this product and I keep repurchasing it. πŸ™‚

Which nail paint remover do you use?  Let me know in comments.

There’s going to be a flood of (amazing)product reviews on my blog for next few days so keep visiting! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via email or follow me on bloglovin. πŸ™‚

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Best way to get rid of facial hair

I never get waxing done on my face or upper lips/eyebrows, not because it’s painful but the idea of doing it to my face horrifies me! Now you can also say “No” to waxing! I’ve discovered an easy and (almost) painless way to get rid of facial hair that I am going to share with you all.

You will need –

β€’ 2 Tablespoons Besan (Gram Flour)
β€’ 2 Tablespoons water
β€’ Few drops of honey (if you’ve dry skin)

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, honey is an optional ingredient. Apply this paste to your face using your fingers or a brush. Let it dry until your skin starts feeling “stretched”.

Now gently scrub off the pack with your fingers. If it feels really painful then soak a cloth in warm water and use it to remove the pack but it may not help much to get rid of facial hair.

Please don’t try this if you have diabetes because diabetic people are prone to skin infections. My mom has diabetes so she simply washed off the pack with lukewarm water

My skin is feeling really soft after trying  this method!  Let me to know if you try it too  πŸ™‚

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13 DIY Home Decors to try

Why spend thousands on decorative stuffs when you can make your own? 

1. Bottle Lamp 


2. City Lights Lamp 


3. Melted Crayons Art 


4. Lights and Pictures!


5. Scrap Paper Chandelier 


6. Flower Arrangement in wide bowl 


7. Terrarium 


8. Cute Painted Bottles as a Vase


9. Family photos clock 


10. Twig candle holder 


11. DIY lights 


12. Tissue paper pom poms 


13. Paper flowers wall decor 


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MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour – LC05

Hello again! Yesterday I swatched 3 eyeshadows from my MTV MUAH “POP” makeup kit, Today I’ll swatch a lip colour from the same kit. The shade number is LC05

I don’t know what colour to call it, plum maybe? Let me tell you a secret,  I can’t differentiate between few colours like violet, purple, plum, mauve & magneta. And no I am not colour blind 😐

LC05 swatch – without flash

It may look a little shimmery in the pic but it’s just glossy.

LC05 Swatch – with flash 

I don’t wear this lippy often because I can’t pull off this shade, maybe it will look better on people with cool undertones. I prefer using a light pink lip colour from the same range.  Well this one will cost you Rs. 119/- in market, the price differs online.

What I like about MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour LC05 

– Very very Affordable

– Nice packaging

– Spreads easily on lips, doesn’t bleed after it’s set

– Has a nice smell

– Comes in many shades

What I don’t like about MTV MUAH “POP” Lip Colour LC05

– Stays for barely 3-4 hours (but leaves a nice tint)

– Doesn’t survive a meal

– The texture is too creamy but still dries my lips

– Becomes a little sticky after few hours of use

– Shade name is not specified

I will rate it 3/5  πŸ™‚

I think all the products from MTV MUAH range are perfect for school/college going girls who can’t spend much on high-end makeup products because they’re very cheap. Their staying power is not that great but what more do you expect for this price?

I’ll recommended this to girls who are looking for a budget friendly makeup products.

This lip colour is currently out of stock at Jabong.

* The product was bought with my dad’s money πŸ˜‰

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MTV MUAH “POP” Eye Shadows 09, 08, 07 Review & Swatches

Hello readers! What have you been up to? The rainy weather is making me lazy, I just want to curl up in my blanket and sleep.. Okie that’s what I’ve been doing from last two days πŸ˜€

Well I saw my MTV MUAH “POP” makeup kit sitting in a corner so I thought why not review & swatch some of it’s products?  I bought the
kit last year on my birthday from Homeshop18 and the price was around Rs.999/- whilst market price is Rs.1929/- . There are three 3 kits to choose from – POP, PUNK and DAZZLE. You can also buy the products individually. The kit contains…

Today I am going to swatch 3 eye shadows from POP collection.. Shade ~ 09(grey/silver), 08(light green) and 07(pink). Sorry for descending order πŸ˜›

MTV MUAH “POP” Eyeshadows – es-09, es-08, es-07




I hope these pictures are clear enough, it’s really difficult to take snaps with my tab  πŸ™

What I like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows

– Very Affordable.

– Pocket friendly packaging.

– Pigmented enough, I use it with a wet brush.

– Stays for 3-4 hours (without primer).

– Comes in many shades.

– Good quantity.

– All products from MTV MUAH have shelf life of 3 years.

What I don’t like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows

– Too shimmery (Actually just the silver one).

– Shade names aren’t specified.

–  The applicators provided are useless.

Rating ~ 4/5

You can buy them (individually/in set of 3/kit) online on Homeshop18 or Jabong.

Well I like all the products which came in my MTV MUAH “POP” kit except “Oil Free Foundation” because it comes in single shade “Natural Beige” and it makes my skin look orangish..

Which eye shadow did you like the most? Share in comments. Tomorrow I’ll swatch a lip colour from same range.  πŸ™‚

*The kit was purchased with my dad’s money.  πŸ˜‰

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