Aplava.com – Beauty is you!

Living in a small city is really hard for beauty and makeup junkies like me. There are so many brands and products which I don’t have access to since I live in a small city! That’s why I have to relay on e-commerce websites if I want to buy anything. One day while surfing the internet, I stumbled upon this website called “Aplava”.

Aplava is an online shopping website for all your beauty and makeup needs! Read on if you want to know more about it..


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Website Review | Iralzo.com – A New Fashion Destination

Will my online shopping obsession ever end?

I guess no!

Because online shopping has made my life so awesome! ? I can literally spend hours online, looking at random stuff which I can’t even afford to buy! ? To be honest, I feel that it is the most convenient way to browse and shop for things I like. It is less complicated if compared to physical shopping because I don’t have to handle nosey SAs (no offense but sometimes they really get on my nerves!), bargain for low prices or stand in the checkout line for ages! Enough of my rants, let’s come back to the topic I am here for. Today I’ll be introducing you all to a new online shopping destination called ” Iralzo “.

Read on to know more about it and the things I got from there!


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Review & Haul | Dresslink.com – A One Stop Destination For Women’s Fashion

Heya everyone! I don’t know if you guys remember, but few days back, I did a post about my Dresslink wishlist, and guess what?! I finally got a chance to haul all the stuff I had on my wish list!! 🙂 So yeah, Today I’m going to write about my shopping experience with Dresslink.com and do some mini reviews of all the stuff I got from there. This review has been pending from last 8-9 days. OK, It’s time to stop procrastinating!!! Let’s proceed with the post, Shall we?



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Shop and save big with Groupon Coupons!

Shopping is that one thing I can never say no to! Be it 12 a.m in the night or 6 a.m in the morning, I am always ready to shop! Yep, I won’t mind accepting that I am a shopaholic, BUT, a big Kanjus (miser) at the same time! Now you’d ask me how is that possible? 😛 Let me explain you – I don’t buy anything unless I see that it’s on discount. Whenever I want to shop for something (online or offline), I always look for the best deals and discounts I can get on that specific product. So while I was rummaging for best deals online, I came across this website called “Groupon” which, I think, is a blessing to all the shopaholics out there! Read on to know more about it..
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Review | Irresistible Me Hair Accessories

Heya lovelies! Happy weekends to you all! Let me make your weekend more exciting by introducing you to this website called “Irresistible Me.

IrresistibleMe.com is an online brand that specializes in 100% natural hair extensions and wigs. They also sell many other products like hair styling tools, hair care products and high quality hair accessories. I received a few beautiful hair accessories from them for review purpose. We’ll come back to that later, First, let me give you guys a small walk through of their website and the products they offer..

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