Blue ticks in Whatsapp – What are they?

So you came here wondering what’s with Whatsapp? Why is it showing 2 blue ticks instead of grey ones? Looks creepy right.. They didn’t even write about it officially (at least I couldn’t find it, I guess it’s somewhere in their FAQ page). Anyways, it was not that hard for me to figure out what they actually mean. Whatsapp shows two blue ticks when the other person has “read” the message. Still confused? Let me explain it with screenshots! Thanks to my friend who helped me take these screenshots.

In the image above, you can see a single grey coloured tick. This shows the message is “sent”.

In this image you can see two ticks. It means your message is delivered, now you’re confused again?

My message was sent already, what do you mean by delivered?

By delivered I mean, when other person’s whatsapp or phone network is active – your message will show two grey ticks, if not, then it will show a single tick.  SUPPOSE, your friend has Whatsapp, but he has turned off his internet so the message is not delivered yet.

And here goes the screenshot of latest added feature on Whatsapp, deadly two blue ticks. These ticks can be the gamechanger of your friendship or relationship 😛 ask me why? Previously you could lie that you didn’t actually read the message and it was showing two ticks because the message was delivered,  now you can’t lie! Good luck to those who have possessive friends/partner.  😀 but not all people are seeing these blue ticks, I’m seeing it while talking to 2-3 people only, not in all conversations and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of their phone OS or Whatsapp version. My guess is – they’ve added this feature because of iPhone 6/iOS8. It’s just a guess because I don’t have an iPhone but I think They added it because iOS8 has a new feature which shows the message As “read” even if you check the notification bar.

Anyways these “blue ticks” are good unless you’re in a relationship 😀 just kidding. Have a great time!

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