Blogmas 2016 Roundup – Let’s See What You Have Missed!

So Blogmas 2016 is finally over, but the fun isn’t over yet! I am still going to try and post a new exciting post every single day. Do let me know if you enjoyed reading the series of posts which I did this month for Blogmas. Today, I am doing a roundup post in case any of you might have missed out on reading some interesting posts that I did over this period. ☺

Blogmas 2016 Roundup

I am not going to list out all of the posts which I published in these 25 days because I don’t want to make this roundup post to be super long! Here are a few of the “must read” ones  –

Top 8 Alternatives For Shaving Creams (+ some shaving tips you should know!)

Blogmas began with this post which was all about shaving cream alternatives and a few tips related to shaving! If you have just switched to shaving then this post will be helpful for you. ☺

How To Avoid Dry Skin During Winter Season

This winter season, you can say bye-bye to dry skin by following just a few simple steps mentioned here!

Review | Terra Real Vegetable Chips – The Healthified Version Of Chips!

Though I am not that good at food review, I still tried because I wanted to introduce you all to these healthy vegetable chips by Terra. Ahh, I have still not forgotten their yummy taste!

Top Affordable Highlighters Available In India 2019 [Reviewed]

Get your highlight game strong with some stunning highlighters that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Best Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas is gone, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy “him” a special gift! Take some gifting ideas from this post. ☺

DIY | 2 Homemade Under Eye Creams For Dark Circles

Most of the under eye creams available in the market are very expensive. So it’s better that you make your own at home with natural ingredients!

14 Makeup Rules To Swear By!

Makeup isn’t bound to any rules. But if you take certain thing into consideration, your makeup application will get even better and easier!

Best Makeup Products Launched In 2016

2016 was a great year for makeupholics, wasn’t it? So many awesomesauce makeup products were launched this year. ? Read this post to know about the top makeup products of the year 2016.

Review & Swatches | Nykaa Floral Carnival Nail Enamel Lavender Crush

You have to check out the swatches of this nail enamel by Nykaa. It’s damn gorgeous!


So guys and girls, this was a tiny roundup of the Blogmas 2016. Please do comment down below to let me know which post was your favourite out of all of them!



  1. You really are very active, so many posts, blogging so often! As for me, I have so many ideas, but time is not helping, so I now post once a week like it was before July! I would like to thank you for all your kindness and support towards me and to wish you a fantastic 2017, with a lot of fun, joy, happiness, luck and whatever you desire! Happy new year!

  2. I am so so so proud of you Dipti. Being so dedicated to blog every single day that even with quality pictures and exciting content!! I wish I had 1% of your enthusiasm and talent my chutki.


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