5 Best Summer Game Activities For Kids

Summer vacation means it is playtime for children. But, due to the severe climate changes and hot sun parents do not allow their kids to go out and play in the sun due to fear of sunburn, tanness, itching and rashes. These are the summer illness that one cannot escape away. There are several precautions to fight against these summer disease. But it is quite tough a job to make kids stay the whole day indoors! Either they go frustrated, or they end up nagging you all day long for making them stay indoors.

So, what are the options you have to make your kids enjoy their summer vacation to the fullest, without making you worry so much about the outside heat and climate? Here is a list of 5 best summer game activities for kids. Have a look and let your children enjoy their vacation.

5 Best Summer Game Activities For Kids

1. Game Of Intelligence


Let your kids play some games of intelligence that will test their brain power and memory as well. Word games, chess, etc. can be of interesting as well as it will enlighten your kids to learn more. Join them to make it more fun and exciting and I bet they will love playing it with you.

2. Outdoor Games


It is hot during the daytime, but you can give them a chance to move out for some outdoor games during the evening when you see no more sun! Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, rugby and no matter what all games that can make them enjoy their vacation, gives them the freedom to embrace these games as a part of their activities. It not only makes them happy but these games are good exercises for proper working out of the body, to strengthen their muscles and also to make them physically strong.

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3. Water Games


Summer is hot, and it is refreshing to have some water games for entertainment and fun. Splash some water and it is sure to be enjoyed by your kid. You can even call up their friends and let them all play in the water. Fill up a tube full of water and give them the space to enjoy some refreshing moments along with their friends. It will make them happy and fresh as well. You can even make your kids learn swimming this summer!

4. Cycling


Cycling with friends will be the most fun filled game that kids will enjoy any time of the day. Schedule a time at a time when the heat is very much cheap and can be survived easily by your children and allow them to go for cycling with friends. Get them the needed safety accessories including the helmet, glasses, shoes and the gloves.

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5. Ball Games


Kick the ball, catch it, hold it, throw it and the fun begins. Let the whole family play it and the kids will enjoy it to the best. You can prefer to play it either indoor or outdoor. And your children will love this vacation just like that.


  1. I remember during my childhood days we use to cycle a lot. These days kids do not know what playing outside is like. Nice post to share with parents of 6-13 year old. 🙂

  2. Outdoor games are the best of all for kids. I think I played outdoors the most as a kid. And Water games are so damn good ! I don’t know swimming, but I miss going to water parks in my childhood.

  3. It was a fun read Dipti! Hope all mommies out here got some inspiration to take their kids out for some summer fun 😀


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