5 Best Exercises for Spondylosis 

Spondylosis can be difficult. People suffering from it know the pain better than anyone. The constant disturbance caused brings many personal and professional problems in our lives. Now the question is if there is any way that can relieve you from the suffering? Well, yes, even spondylosis can be treated.

Spondylosis is hard to get rid of. Once you have it, you have it for a long time. And the way it makes your life miserable is the reason you would want to get rid of it. While medical assistance is necessary, the inclusion of some exercises can also prove beneficial to treat the condition. So, let’s not waste any time and see what exercises you need to perform.

Best Exercises for Spondolysis

1. Half Cobra Stretch 

Best Exercises for Spondylosis 
Best Exercises for Spondylosis

Spondylosis can cause mild to severe back pain. It shortens your spine and back muscles that cause many problems, including neck and back aches. So, our first exercises will be aimed at relieving your muscles and spine to ease the pain. Stretching is one of the most efficient exercises for the job.

Have you ever heard about cobra stretch? Those who have had a workout background know about the exercise. Here is how you should perform a half-cobra stretch.

  • Lie down flat on your stomach with your legs stretched behind you.
  • Now push yourself up with your elbows (as shown in the picture) up to your chest.
  • The stretch should be felt on your back.
  • Now, if you can, turn this into a cobra stretch by straightening your arms.

Reps to perform: Hold for 15-20 seconds. Do this once every day.

2. Wall Squats

Best Exercises for Spondylosis 
Best Exercises for Spondylosis

Squats are excellent exercises for strengthening your back, butt, and leg muscles. While doing free squats can be painful for spondylosis patients, a wall squat can give you certain benefits to name. Like regular squats, wall squats also strengthen your back, hip, and leg muscles and increase your mobility.

So, how to perform a wall squat? It’s pretty easy.

  • Stand straight against a wall with your back facing it.
  • Now gradually sit down with all support on your legs and back.
  • Try to form a ninety-degree angle between your back and legs – like you are sitting on a chair.

The benefit of wall squat is that you don’t have to move much.

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Reps to Perform:

Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Increase the reps overtime.

3. Side Leg Raises

Best Exercises for Spondylosis 
Best Exercises for Spondylosis

Side leg raises work on your back muscles and thighs and strengthens them. It relieves you of the pain and allows movability. Performing side leg raises is easier than most other exercises. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Stand straight in front of a chair or wall
  • Place your hand on your waist
  • Put your weight on one leg (left/right)
  • Lift the other leg up on to the side up to several inches
  • Take it back down
  • Repeat it with your other leg as well

This exercise also works on your core and side belly. As you advance, try to do it without any support.

Reps to Perform

Repeat the exercises 4-5 times daily.

4. Walk

Best Exercises for Spondylosis 
Best Exercises for Spondylosis

People say walking is the best exercise. Well, if you have spondylosis, it is kind of an inevitable truth. Walking, jogging, or any activity that pumps your heart and the increased blood circulation can be specifically beneficial for you. We don’t have to mention how you are supposed to walk. It is one thing that we all know pretty well.

But what you should remember is that consistency is required when you walk. Try to maintain the same pace. Keep your back straight while walking and avoid pressure on your shoulders. Walking also improves your cardiovascular system. If you go to the gym, you can consider using the treadmill for that.

5. Swim

Best Exercises for Spondylosis 
Best Exercises for Spondylosis

Well, if you can swim, then why not? Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises. It pumps your heart and increases blood circulation. Swimming also strengthens your muscles and contributes to your body’s overall development.

Another reason that doctors or therapists prefer swimming is because it puts no pressure on your joints. You can further reduce any pressure by doing it in an inside or heated pool. It is also very beneficial for arthritis patients. If you know how to swim or decide to join a class, prefer joining twice a week classes.

How Can Professional Therapists Help?

Spondylosis has different types, and the treatment varies too. At Central NJ Spine, therapists understand your symptoms and run several tests to detect your condition. Depending on your situation, your therapist may suggest customized treatment.

These treatments mainly include medicines and therapies. The therapist may also ask you to bring some changes to your lifestyle and food habits. If necessary, you can also go through surgery.


While you cannot prevent spondylosis, you can at least manage the symptoms. By performing these simple exercises daily, you can bring significant changes in your lifestyle. Also, consider taking some expert advice to manage the symptoms better. That said, we hope you have a better and painless life ahead.


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