My Banggood Review & Haul

Can Banggood provide you the best bang for your buck? 

Some of you might have read my Banggood Wishlist post which I wrote back in June. I finally got a chance to haul the stuff I liked over there. (yay!) So, today I will be sharing my Banggood Review with you all which will help you to decide whether you should shop with them or not.

Banggood is one of the most popular online shopping destinations from China. It is quite well known, people find it very reliable for electronics purchases.

Let’s get started with the post. Today, I will also show you what all I bought from Banggood. I did not buy a lot of stuff because it was the first time that I was shopping from them so I wanted to test out their shipping service and all. Now, since I have had a pleasant shopping experience with them, I will shop for more things in future, probably from their Flash Deals section because it is always updated with some very nice deals!

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

I bought a total of 5 items. They were shipped to me in 3 different packages. Banggood divides your order according to their warehouse’s location to speed up the shipping process. All of the three packages arrived from different countries and their respective postal services.

None of the items from my order were damaged or lost. 4 out of 5 things that I ordered were makeup products and they arrived in perfect condition! The shipping time was quite OK, I noticed that the delay was from the Indian customs department and India post’s side only. By the way, I didn’t have to pay any custom charges for them. I just paid $4.50 USD for shipment with tracking code (which is referred as Air parcel register).

That’s all for my Banggood review. It is time to show you guys my haul! Let’s get started..

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

15 Colors Professional Makeup Facial Concealer Palette Dark Shadow Beauty Cosmetic | Price – $4.39 USD

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

This was the first item to reach me. It is a concealer / contour palette which has 15 shades of cream based concealers.

I think I had posted its picture on Instagram when I received it. I have used it 2-3 times till now. Let me know if you want its review!

Tattoo Magic Color Peel Off Lip Gloss Mask Tint Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup (in Red and orange) | $2.29 USD (each)

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

I really wanted to try these peel off lip tints when I first saw them on some blog or instagram. I couldn’t decide on just one shade so I bought two! These are also available in India, but they were cheaper on Banggood so I got them from there. I think I have only used them once.

They are a little difficult to work with, but they give a very nice and natural looking tint to the lips. I will review them if you people are interested!

Menow Smudge Makeup Waterproof Lipstick Lip Gloss Pen | Price – $2.20 USD

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

It is labelled as lip gloss, but it is actually a matte lipstick. I got it in shade number 33, which is a very dark wine and vampy kind of shade. You can find it in many other shades as well.

Dreamcatcher Beads Feather Tassel Drop Earrings Women Jewelry | Price – $4.17 USD

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

OK, these earrings were in my wish list from such a loooooonnnggggg time! I saw them about 1 or 2 years back on some insta store, but I found them overpriced.

Now I finally have them and I’m so happy yaaayyyy!  I just wish that the feathers or the chains were a little heavier because they seem of low quality.

Here is my FOTD with the earrings and the lipstick!

My Banggood Review & Haul
My Banggood Review & Haul

That was it, my friends! I hope you all enjoyed reading my review of banggood! It’s time for rating, and Banggood gets..

Yesss, bangood rating is 5 stars from me! ❤ I really had an amazing shopping experience with them. I was a bit disappointed with the delay in the arrival of my orders, but as I mentioned, the delay was mostly from our customs dept. and India post’s side.

So if you’re planning to shop with them, but you’re feeling scared that your package will be lost or something then don’t worry, just buy one or two stuff for testing purpose and once you get comfortable, you can shop for more things!

Banggood organizes sales very frequently so do follow them on their social media handles so that you can get to know when they are running one. They also have a section on their website where you can get working banggood coupons and points to save some extra cash! You earn points for every order that you make which is so cool, isn’t it?

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  1. You look like a doll <3
    $4.50 for shipping !!! There are free shipping sites
    Also 3/4 different packages is so irritating

  2. You look so beautiful! I loved this haul! Banggood is very nice! I loved the earrings and the lipstick lip gloss pen and I am in love with the concealer’s palette! Hope you have a very nice weekend, enjoy the goods!

  3. Aapne to bahut accha samaan liya, ye peel off lipstick mere paas bhi hai per wo teeth per bhi lag jaati hai…..?????? Aap behad khubsurat dikh rahi ho ????????????

  4. Hello, lovely.
    This was a great & interesting read. I used to use an app called ‘AliExpress’ which sounds roughly like the same thing. All of their things come from China too so the delivery process is slow but for the price you can’t really complain! I’ve always been impressed by the quality too and satisfied with my purchases.

    I will definitely be checking out this site after reading this post, so thanks chick!

    Keep up the great work.

    Charlene McElhinney

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