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Heyaa everyone! I am sorry for being MIA from last three days (even after promising that I’ll publish a new post everyday ?). I was busy with a few things. We went out on Sunday and bought a new phone. I have been playing with it ever since it arrived. ? So anyways, Yesterday in afternoon my postman dada came with some very exciting parcels for me. ? One of the parcels was from Aroma Essentials. Yep, The same brand which got featured in my 5 Best Body Butters post. ☺ They have sent me their lovely products to try out and review. Here’s what I received from them…




aroma essentialw


aroma essentials body butters and body sorbet


  1. Aroma Essentials Chocolate and Cocoa Body Butter
  2. Aroma Essentials Rose Sorbet
  3. Aroma Essentials Orange Vanilla Body Butter


Aroma Essentials.


  1. Aroma Essentials Orange Face Splash
  2. Aroma Essentials Lavender Face Wash


aroma essentials orange grapefruit lip balm

  1. Aroma Essentials Orange Grapefruit Lip Balm


I received this sweet handwritten note as well! I love receiving handwritten notes like this one.. ☺

aroma essentials .


Thank you team for sending across such exciting products! I cannot wait to review them for my readers! I’m going to put them to test by today itself so stay tuned for the reviews! ❤ Meanwhile, please like their Facebook page HERE and follow their Instagram account HERE to get updates from them. ☺

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  1. Great ????? congrats…..mujhy bhi chemical free products hi pasand hain….. subscription box me kai baar miley bhi aur results bhi ?? mila ?

  2. Hey…Congrats for your new phone…And even I’m crazy about natural products… Waiting for your review on these products…

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