(CLOSED) Giveaway Alert! Win an Amazon Gift Voucher Worth Rs.700!

Hello my favourite people! ❤

Today I am SUPER EXCITED to inform you all that I’m organizing my first ever giveaway on GorgeouslyFlawed.com! drum rolls ?

Gorgeously Flawed Giveaway | Amazon Gift Voucher Giveaway | Free Amazon Gift Voucher
Gorgeously Flawed Giveaway | Win Amazon Gift Voucher Worth Rs.700/-

This giveaway is just my way of thanking all of you for showering me with your love and support over the years! I wanted to do a giveaway since forever, but I wasn’t able to choose a specific prize because I had no idea what kind of product(s) my readers would like to win! So.. I decided to do a giveaway of a Gift Voucher, in that way, the winner can buy just anything he or she wants to! 🙂

Since Amazon is one of my favourite online shopping website, I’m giving away an Amazon India E-Gift voucher – worth Rs.700! Meaning, you can buy anything worth Rs.700/- (or less) from Amazon India website and pay for it using the electronic gift card code! The giveaway has already started from today, i.e – 4th June and will end on 18th June.


Rules for the Giveaway (please read them once before participating) :-

• The giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon India or any other brand.

• The giveaway is open for Indian residents only. Both males and females can enter this giveaway.

• Please submit your entries through RaffleCopter widget, otherwise your participation won’t be counted.

• Follow all the steps mentioned within the Rafflecopter Widget.

• Giveaway runs for 13 days, from 4 June to 18 June. Winner will be announced on 19 June.

• Please don’t unfollow/unsubscribe if you don’t win! You’ll be banned from my future giveaways.

• No hate comments please!

• The prize is an Electronic-Gift Voucher Code which will be sent to the winner via Email. The winner will have to contact me on dipti@gorgeouslyflawed.com within 48hrs of the announcement to receive his/her prize as a reply.

• On the widget where it says to visit the Facebook page, you have to “like” it.

*If you are unable to view the RaffleCopter widget below then please consider  using Chrome browser to visit this page or switch to Desktop!

Here goes the RaffleCopter widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best readers! I will be waiting for your entries. Don’t forget to invite your friends to participate in my giveaway. Use hashtag #GorgeouslyFlawedGiveaway1 on your social media posts!

P.S – my co-bloggers-cum-besties, Shwetali from NotSoHardToBePretty and Sonali from SkincareVilla have also organized giveaways on their blog! Do participate in their giveaways once you have participated in mine. You can check out Shwetali’s giveaway HERE and Sonali’s giveaway HERE.  🙂



RESULTS – The winner is Sumita Kapoor.

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  1. I would like to win this gift voucher to purchase some high end brands like Just Herbs, Soultree, O3+, TVAM, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works etc from Amazon. Also, I would like to purchase some organic powders like orange peel powder, rose petal powder, sandalwood powder, etc. Amazon has many brands to choose from and its the best shopping site.

  2. Dipti this looks great.I feel gift vouchers are better as giveaways as the winner can buy whatever she wants to buy as per her wish.Great idea.

  3. I would love to win this because I am a regular shopper from Amazon and this would help me ? and thnkyou for this giveaway 1?

  4. Congratulations on your first giveaway D…sorry i wqs MIA for long, have been super busy with things 🙂 i have entered the giveaway… hoping for the best…

  5. Hey thank you so much for conducting such an amazinh contest !! Just keep up the work and grow each day ?
    I would love to win this E-gift voucher from Amazon giveaway because nothing can be better than this ! As we get an opportunity to win ANYTHING of our choice in limits !! #GorgeouslyFlawedGiveaway1
    Best wishes and good luck !

  6. Thank you for this giveaway.
    I would love to win this because I love to shop & the voucher is best gift to buy things which I love.

  7. thank you for the amazing giveaway:)
    done with all steps
    twitter priyanka_optom
    insta crazzy_pranky
    facebook Priyanka M

  8. Congrats on your first giveaway, and thank you for a chance to win this giveway!! Thanks for spreading beauty and joy! Love Amazon, love all things beautiful..So wish to win this, Shared on Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook

  9. Hey lovely … Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway . Wish to win this because amazon voucher is just like cash … I can buy my favourites .. so wish to win

  10. This is an amazing giveaway! Very good idea and I wish good luck to the participants! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  11. I’d like to buy the wonderful Fuschia Anti-Ageing Night Cream that you reviewed as it’s divine & I think it would suit my skin. Plus I love the fragrance of Jasmine <3

  12. Heya thank u for the contest . I would love to win bcoz want to shop for my upcoming birthday from amazon #hope to win

  13. Firstly, Thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway. I would love to win this giveaway as i participated in it to win it. Amazon is my favourite shopping site and since i love shopping from there i would definitely want to win this voucher.Voucher of my favourite site is always welcomed. Thankyou so much once again.

  14. I wish to win this giveaway so that i can shop from site for my mother and buy gift for her for hr upcoming birthday

  15. I really like this giveaway because I really think letting your dear fans choose their own gifts themselves is really great! I wanna win this for an extra Pamper for my birthday hahaha

  16. Entered dear …as my comments are blocked on insta i have shared and tagged u in the pic..i would like to love to have this voucher to shop makeup accessories from amazon..love ur blog name ????
    Insta handle- gauriv12
    Twitter – sushma_vish
    Fb- sushma vishwakarma
    Gmail – sushmav636

  17. Wish to win this amazing voucher bcoz the cost of Rs 700 matters for me a lot & I wish to win for my little angel to buy some toy for her

  18. The amount of Rs 700 matters me a lot & I wish to win formy little angel & wish to buy something for her it’s a lovely & easiest contest held by u I love to be part of it .

  19. Hi Dipti

    I want to win this voucher giveaway bcz Amazon offers items of almost all kind of needs a person has. Right now, I’m eyeing on some kitchen essentials that can help me save my precious time, so that I may devote more of my time into writing. Just a simple reason, but this is why I genuinely need to win.

    God Bless u

    • Thank you so much Shilpa di! Yes, time saving kitchen equipments are necessary for a great chef like you! 🙂 wishing you all the best!

  20. Wish to win for my moms bday? i stay in bangalore n she’s back home in pune…n wnt b der in pune on her bday
    Hope to win this so she can buy anything she wants Instagram:purpletiara fb durva deshmukh and twitter deshmukhdurva

  21. Thankss for hosting such an super giveaway.I really would love to win this gift voucher coz I wanna gift some beautiful gift to my Mom & papa as their 34th marriage anniversary is about to come.:)

  22. I would be very honest.. the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this giveaway was that I can purchase my dream lipstick with this card.. Lipstick which is out of my budget from the day it is launched. . And it is the Chambor extreme liquid matte lipstick ♥♥ I want to win this giveaway only for my dream lipstick ♥♥ Thanks a lott for this opportunity dear ♥♥♥ #fingerscrossed

  23. First of I would like to congratulate you for the first giveaway you organized.I want to win this giveaway because I have a list of stuffs to buy but I cant buy them all because of current budget issue. I think this voucher will help me to fulfill my needs too.
    In the end wishing for your success and happy days girl..keep it up!!
    P.S. I really liked your website’s name..its really amazing because every women is gorgeous with some flaws and she should embrace them too. 🙂 🙂

  24. I would like to win this gift voucher to win some fashionable beauty organic products which i was planning since long..Amazon has the vast wide collection of all high quality good branded products which i want to Gift to my mom. She since my childhood never used any makeup products but this time i want to gift her something organic that will suit her skin and prevent from any infection or harmful chemicals. Hope I win.. Fingers crossed

  25. I wish to win this giveaway as it is really amazing.. also the fun part is that the results would be declared on 19th June and it is my parents wedding anniversary that day.. i would love to win this for my parents.. it would be a great addition to the gift that i will be giving them..

  26. Hey beauty. Congratulations on holding your first giveaway. I am really excited to win this one because window shopping is love these days because no one has time to go out in this bad heat. It’s been quite a time since I have shopped something so would love to win this voucher. You will have my full support throughout that’s a promise.

  27. Hii dear…
    Congratulations on ur first giveaway…
    m done wid all the rules.. nd would luv to win dis…
    I wish to win dis coz amazon is my fav shopping site,, coz they give amazing deals nd discounts… wid this voucher i cn buy whatever i feel like…
    i am a big shopaholic so i would be really happy if i win dis…
    Thanks… 🙂

  28. I would really really like to win this because Usually Ppl give cosmetics in their giveaway and i already have alot of cosmetics so would buy a shoes instead with ur E-gift_voucher ?


  29. Why didn’t I find your blog sooner…!!!!

    I’ve been wanting to treat myself with some skincare goodies because very recently I’ve lost a ton of weight and what better way than to celebrate this achievement


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