7 Helpful Android Apps For Bloggers

You don’t realize how many apps you require to write and publish a simple blog post until you become a blogger!

I have been into the field of blogging for almost 7 years now and all this while, I have mostly relied on my android phone and tablet to do all the tasks related to my blog, right from clicking pictures to writing and publishing the blog posts. I use a lot of different apps for this and today with this post, I am going to tell you all about the apps that I use! So if you are planning to start your own blog and want to know what type of android apps you should use..


If you are just curious to know about the apps that bloggers like me use to bring new content for you, then keep on reading this post!

By the way, me and two of my co-bloggers, Shwetali, from NotSoHardToBePretty and Sonali from SkincareVilla have decided to start a series of collaboration in which we will share our ideas and views about a certain topic or product. We want to build a large community of Indian beauty bloggers who would like to take part in such collabs, so let us know if you want to join in the #IndianBBloggersCollabs.Β To start off the series, we are writing about our most favourite apps helpful for bloggers. Check out Shwetali’s and Sonali’s recommendations as well. Let’s start with my favourites!


1. aWallet Password Manager – To store accounts’ information


A blogger has to remember more than hundreds of account IDs and passwords, no, I am not exaggerating it at all!

I have become Amir Khan of Ghajini movie (for those who don’t know, in that movie he played role of a man who forgets everything he does in a span of 15 minutes!) in last couple of years. I have so many accounts and it is difficult for me to remember their passwords!

So I have downloaded this free password manager app on android, it helps to aid my forgetfulness to an extent. ? I log ID and password details of all the accounts as soon as I create them. The app can be locked with a PIN and hence, I have to remember only the app’s password to access the ID password details of all my accounts.

There are many such apps available on Google play store, but this one is free and promises high security so I liked it!

2. Buffer – To schedule posts on social media


With an app like buffer, you can schedule your posts on social media so that when you are catching up on some Zzz’s, you can still publish your important posts on social media.

Just connect your social media accounts with this app, write the post, set the time and date – That is all! I am not using this app often these days because I am not that active on my blog and social media, but I have used it a lot in the past for scheduling my tweets.

3. Crowdfire – To track social media followers and unfollowers


Crowdfire helps me to easily track and follow/unfollow my recent followers/unfollowers on Twitter and Instagram.

4. Google Keep – To take notes quickly


Google Keep is an awesome app to quickly take notes on your phone!

5. IF by IFTT

IFFT abbreviates to if this then that. On IF, you can automate just everything. From your blog posts to your home’s lights! Read the app description page to know how it works, I’m bad at explaining things. πŸ˜›

6. Inbox by Gmail

I like to stay organized with my emails. I have total 7 gmail accounts which I’ve to manage daily. Inbox helps me to bundle my emails according to their priority.

7. PicsArt

I edit all my pictures with PicsArt. Β It has almost all the features like Photoshop. A must have for not only bloggers, but each and every person who owns a smartphone!

Some other android apps which I use on daily basis (unrelated to blogging!)

β€’ Instagram (you guys know it already :P)
β€’ Quora (I’m a huge fan of quora!)
β€’ Advance call manager (to block unwanted calls, if an unknown person calls me it’ll send them busy tone. Let me know if you want a paid version of this!)
β€’ Truecaller (to search who’s behind those unwanted calls :P)
β€’ Quickpic (in place of Android photos)
β€’ ShareIT (for transferring files and photos)
β€’ WhatsApp (it’s obvious :P)
β€’ GO keyboard (in place of Google Keyboard)
β€’ Opera Mini (Saves a lot of mobile data)

I hope you all find this list helpful! Don’t forget to check out Shwetali and Sonali’s favourites. Let me know about your favourite apps in the comments below! Have a great weekend!


  1. aWallet password manager seems great coz I too have a tendency to become a Ghajini sometimes ?, have you ever tried the pixlr app? Its great for editing

  2. Hi Lily, Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚ Most of these Apps are available for iOS / Windows phone too. πŸ™‚

  3. Password manager sounds great. It will be very helpful as i forget my password n no of times.. πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing. Love to collab with you both http://Notsohardtobepretty.worpress.com

  4. You just saved my life Dipti. Such a great compilation. Will be using these now. I am the biggest gajini in the world and this is a life saver πŸ˜›


  5. I love keep, Picsart, inbox by gmail, truecaller, Evernote and crowdfire…

  6. Haven't tried much of these app in the list.Thanks for sharing.They look interesting.


  7. Awesome compilation..Basially I avoid phone while doing any work related to blog,I do everything on my laptop. Actually am bit comfortable here. great to know about other apps πŸ™‚


  8. I wasn't aware of all these apps hun. My windows phone suck when it comes to download good apps. Most of the good apps are not available for me πŸ™ Thanks for sharing anyway! πŸ™‚

  9. Really like this post. Very useful. I have iPhone and I will find it its App Store also. May be some are common :p. Thanks for sharing

  10. Great post! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC and instagram?
    If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as I see it πŸ™‚


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