3 Refreshing Drinks For Summers!

Since the summer season has started in full flow, it is very important for us keep our body well hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration. Power packed with nutrition as well as great taste, these 3 refreshing drinks for summers will get you through the scorching heat and the humid weather.

3 Refreshing Drinks For Summers!

1. Bel Ka Sharbat / Wood Apple Squash

Refreshing Drinks For Summers | Bel Ka Sharbat / Wood Apple Squash
Bel Ka Sharbat

Bel Ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Squash/Juice is the most hydrating & nutritious drink for summers! People say that if you drink it once before going out then there’s absolutely NO chance that you’ll get affected by heatstroke. It has so many health benefits that I can’t write them down in a single post.. To sum it all up, I can just say that it is a good energy booster and a lifesaver for people who travel frequently during the day. It also tastes delicious when you mix it with milk!

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2. Jaljeera / Aam Panna

Refreshing Drinks For Summers | Jaljeera
Jaljeera |

Jaljeera is a very popular beverage in India. It is made with plain water, cumin seeds, lemon, black pepper and chilli powder. It helps to aid indigestion and also cools the body! I usually buy the ready made jaljeera powder from market and have it after mixing it with cold water.

3. Sugarcane JuiceΒ 

Refreshing Drinks For Summers | Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice is another very popular drink from India, since our country is a leading producer of sugarcane. Β Its functions are similar to that of Wood Apple Squash, the only difference is that Sugarcane juice is easily available in road side stalls throughout the country while Wood Apple Squash can only be prepared at home! Nevertheless, both of them work great Β in refreshing and energizing the body!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite refreshing drinks for summers season! Remember to drink a lot of liquids from time to time to keep your body healthy and happy! Let me know about your favourite summery drinks in the comments section below.

Have a fun-filled summer! Stay tuned for more such exciting collab posts from me and my co-bloggers!


  1. They are such great thirst quenchers.I love aam panna and sugarcane juice.I have never had bel ka sharbat but I have heard that it is really beneficial for all stomach related problems.Great post dear.


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