My Mom, #MyFirstExpert !


Mom,  mother, mummy, aayi, amma, ammi or “MAA” .. this angel living on earth has so many names. She is the one who brings you to this beautiful world,  teaches you each and every lesson of life, scolds you when you make a mistake, wipes your tears when you cry, becomes your backbone during your bad times … and when you succeed she will be the first one to applause for you. No words can explain the power of her love, her care and her dedication towards her family. She starts loving you even before you are born, need I say more?

I have number of wonderful memories with my mom.  Today I am going to share one from my childhood when I was learning to walk, at the age of about 1 and a half or 2 , I would fall continuously after walking a few steps and then sit on floor for a while, until someone came to pick me up, if it was someone other than my mom then I would sit back and say “sirf meri mummy uthayegi” (only my mom will pick me up) :P.  I don’t know how could I say that complete sentence at such a small age but I was damn serious about it.  I could wait for an eternity, for her to pick me up from the floor.  People still recall this memory and mock me and I still have no clue why I used to do it. Maybe it was because I didn’t trust anyone else except her, and I still do. If I ever fall again in my life I just want my mom to pick me up and say “Everything is OK” 🙂 
It’s my kind request to everyone, please keep your mom happy for rest of the 364 days too, as much as you do on Mother’s Day. 🙂 Belated Happy mother’s day to  all moms in the world. You all are loved, stay happy ♥
I love my Mamma, and dad too,  Both of them are #MyFirstExperts (and I don’t care if It’s grammatically incorrect but I love both of them equally so he needs to be mentioned over Here :D.)
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Made a new blog !

Hello readers.  I made a new blog yesterday, . It’s mainly about GK,  Current affairs  and other topics which will help you to crack most of the govt jobs exams and interviews.  Please visit and don’t forget to subscribe.  🙂

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Lenovo Tab S8 Review – your search for a budget friendly tablet ends here!

Hello readers. Today I am going to review my latest gadget – Lenovo Tab S8 which I have been using from a month or so. We had ordered it in January but received a faulty piece at first which stopped working after less than 24 hours of use. This tablet is exclusively available on Flipkart so they exchange it for us but after almost 2 weeks. They sent a new piece and I haven’t faced any problem with this one. Let’s get to the review now ~

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Valentine’s day E-cards for your loved ones!

Hi readers. Valentine’s Day is almost here so I decided  it’s the right time to upload these E-cards I have made. I’m not that good at editing but I love making E-cards on  special occasions and for special people.
  I’ve spent a lot of time creating them, you will notice that I haven’t watermarked any of them, I really, REALLY hate watermarks especially on E-cards and I’m sure it’s the same with you all. So I didn’t disappoint my readers by watermarking them with my name or my blog’s URL, but I won’t mind if you directly refer your friends to my blog and help me to increase traffic 😛 Just kidding. Hope you like them, Do let me know if you want a customized ecard,  just mail me at [email protected] I will try my best to create a good one and will mail it back to you.

Sorry this one is really tiny, the background is copyright free.

This one looks really ugly but I was experimenting with blue, failed!

You can add your own message to this one, don’t forget to use a filter afterwards.

P.S :- all these images are created by me using an app, the fonts are sourced from different websites. If you find any type of copy right infringement in this post then please mail me at [email protected] and I will sort it out.
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