Xiaomi Redmi 1s – Camera quality review

Let me introduce myself! It’s Dushyant here and I’m new author of this blog. I’m mainly interested in Technology, Photography and music. I love making new friends from around the world, my favorite pass time is guitar, I play it at least once in a day otherwise my day feels incomplete! My favorite beverage is Coffee, I never say no to it. My purpose of joining this blog is to portray my Photography skills in front of the whole world. I hope that you guys will like what I’m going to post over here. Please don’t forget to give me your feedback in the comments section below, or just add me to your Google plus circle to get in touch with me.
Today I’m here to share my experience with Xiaomi Redmi 1s phone which I bought during Flipkart’s app sale. I think it’s a great phone for it’s price. The UI is really smooth and flawless just like it should be. It’s a very neat looking device which has all the spectacular features you would want in your next smartphone. I was being hessistant before buying it because of it’s negative reviews, many people said that it’s has bad heating problem, actually terrible! But I’m using it from a week without updating to the latest firmware and I’ve experienced no such issues so far. I was very concerned about it’s camera quality since I’m a Photography lover, fortunately it came up to my expectations . So here I am to share some of my recent clicks, all of them are taken from my brand new Xiaomi Redmi 1s itself.
*please do not copy any of my work without my knowledge. If you want to use any of the picture listed below then please mail the admin on [email protected]
    levi’s shop
pizza 🙂

vada 🙂

against sunlight green leaf without flash 😉

green leaf with flash
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How to be safe while using 2 Step verification on your Google Account

Hiya readers! You may have noticed my inactivity in last few days. It’s because I had lost access to my account which is linked to this blog. I had enabled two step verification few days back and it made me lose the access, ask me how?

First let me tell you what “2-step Verification” is

Two-step verification is a process involving
two subsequent but dependent stages to
check the identity of an entity trying to
access services in a computer or in a network
with just one factor or secret, whilst there is
no proof obtained that the bearer of the unit
is identical to the owner of the unit.

So if you want to enable 2 step verification on your Google account you will be asked to enter a verification code after you have entered your email id and password. That verification code will be sent to you via text message or voice mail, as per your choice.

If you lose access to your phone then there are fair chances that you may lose your account too! But here are some options which may help you to keep your account safe. I realized this after losing access to my account for 2 full days, especially when I have only 1 account with Administrator privileges for this blog!!  After enabling 2 step verification  I didn’t log out from Google Chrome browser on my phone, so it was the only place where I could use my account without a  verification code unless I log out or clear cookies.  I was testing something else so I had to clear cookies and I did it because I knew I can log back in whenever I want to with the help of verification text but Nope, I tried 1 Lac times but I didn’t receive any SMS containing the code! I have No idea if it was because of my carrier or Google, I kept trying but nothing happened, I even posted a query on Google forums but No one replied!! Then I thought I should finally submit a recovery form to Google which may takes 3 to 5 days to recover your account. I submitted the application with some basic information of my account and got this text on my phone seconds after it, the text says  :-

Did you request that Google reset your password for ************@gmail.com? If not, check your email to find out how to STOP the reset.

And just after this text, I received another one which contained a verification code for login, I’m still wondering how it happened! Let it be I’m happy. 😀

But I don’t want the same to happen with my readers!! So I’m gonna sum up few precautions you should keep if you’re using 2 step verification on Google account, it may work with other services like Apple id or dropbox.

■ Keep 1 browser or device with that account logged. In this way you can turn of the 2 step verification from security settings just in case you lose your account.

■ Keep a set of “Backup codes” on your diary, physical diary! No one is gonna understand what it is so it will be safe there.

■ Use Google authenticator app. It’s available for Android and iOS but but but  Don’t forget to keep your phone password-locked because anyone who gets access to your phone can get access to your account too.

■ Put two recovery numbers.  If you have only one then you have to trust your friend or your parents on this!

■ Note down some information of your account like

     – Day, Month and year when you created your account

     -  What apps you use with your Google account.  Example – Calendar, Hangout, Gmail. Don’t forget to note down the month and year  of their first use.

    – Frequently contacted emails.

    – Security question and it’s answer.

That’s it! If I find more information regarding this topic then I’ll update my post. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend and keep loving Google ♥

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Garnier BB cream Review

Hi readers. Yesterday I went for shopping and bought this Garnier BB cream even though I already have foundation, Concealer and moisturizer, I feel BB cream is the best among them! Let’s start with Garnier BB cream Review.



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“Average is beautiful” Lammily doll goes on sale in US

Most of the girls spent their childhood in dreaming about being as beautiful as their Barbie doll. It’s slim figure, blushy and flawless cheeks, sparkly eyes, silky hairs, we girls dreamt of having all of these features, but Reality and Dreams, never the same right? This doll named “Lammily” is an average looking doll with realistic factors like pimples, moles, stretch marks, body fat, etc which we all experience when we(girls) grow up, at least once in our lifetime. Lammily doll’s body proportions are based on average 19 years old American girls, the data was collected from Centers for Disease Control.



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Moto G 2nd Gen Photography | Travel Post | Silver Jubilee Park NTPC Korba

Hi readers, how are you all? Yesterday I went on a small trip with my family. The place is only 15kms from Here but it’s my most favorite place ever ♥ I’m talking about Silver Jubliee park which is near NTPC (Korba) plant. I think everyone knows about NTPC. So we went to silver jubliee park and stayed there for half an hour or so, clicked around 100 pictures!!  It’s a very very beautiful place for photography (unless you have photobombers over there) I tried to click some shots with my Karbonn Sparkle V but all of them came out really dull so I took all the photos from my Jiju’s phone which is Moto G 2nd Gen, it has great camera quality. Sad part is, all the photos I clicked are of my family and I don’t want to share their pictures over here due to privacy reasons.  I can only share 2-3 of the pictures I clicked of park.

This picture was probably taken with zoom.

Tried to go for a boat ride but couldn’t find any boat vaala. It would’ve been awesome if we could reach that spot in the middle of the lake.

This is Bhavani Mandir, whole interior is made up of mirrors and glasses.

Ignore the finger.  😀 I love how this picture got photobombed by that cute baby.

I wish I had a phone with better camera quality, there are so many beautiful spots for photography in my city. 

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Android Lollipop where are you?

Official Android Lollipop wallpaper 
As we all know, the release of Android Lollipop has been trending on internet from last 2-3 weeks. Everyone is curious to know when are They going to receive the update. Well Google has been testing mine (or our) patience from 15days because Lollipop was supposed to release on 1st November for the android one devices but there is No news of it till now. I have noticed that people are able to update on some nexus devices like Nexus 5 and 4, but They are facing certain problems like Wi-Fi connectivity, app crashes, random error messages etc. Moderaters on Google android forums have recommended to delete recovery caches for those who are experiencing problems with initial release of Lollipop. I would say everyone should wait for OTA(on the air) update instead of being impatient and sideloading (downloading and flashing Lollipop manually) the new update because it may permanently damage your phone.  Don’t try sideloading unless you are an expert in these stuffs. I can surely say that Google will roll out Lollipop for all the android devices (only those who are going to get it) by next year. It’s better to Wait than damaging your phone! Keep checking OTA update by going to Settings -> About phone -> Software update. If you’re able to get the update option then Congrats! If you’re not, then just Wait for few more days! Google is already testing Lollipop on various devices like Xiaomi Redmi series and some of Samsung and HTC smartphones. Till then, enjoy the sweet KitKat!
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Travel Diary | Khutaghat Dam – Natural Beauty of Chhattisgarh

Hi all, I’m Sorry I didn’t do any post in last 48 hours(or maybe 72 hours now  😛 ). Actually I went on a small trip to other city. The place is called Khutaghat Dam. It’s situated next to Ratanpur temple (Mahamaya Devi Mandir, Bilaspur) and it’s around 200 Kms from my place. Khutaghat Dam is a verrryyyy beautiful picnic spot. I couldn’t stay there for long because we had to pick my dad from station, we stayed there for a while, saw some fishes and crocodile, They were far away tho.
Many people were doing picnic over there, cooking food and playing games in the garden which is in other side of the Dam. If you live around Bilaspur you should visit this place during winters, best time for picnic. It’s a very calm place,  I’ve seen paan shop and a restaurant nearby, didn’t get a chance to try on the food.  I love my state for it’s greenery. I find my peace in these jungles and lakes. I can stay there forever, away from city life ♥
Here are some pictures I clicked on there. It was difficult to see what I was clicking because of sunlight, I tried my best to click good quality pictures with my not so good quality phone camera, Karbonn Sparkle V. All of these pictures are click without flash or touch focus. Below are the pictures of natural beauty of Chhattisgarh.
You can see the island like thing in the middle of the Lake. It’s possible to get to there with boats available on the shores. Picnic in middle of the lake, so exciting! I’m Sorry for the picture quality, I don’t have DSLR.
Here are some more pictures I clicked on the way to bilaspur, there are so many lakes I couldn’t even count them!
I took these photos while sitting in backseat of my car.  Too lazy to go out.  😀
Were you able to spot the temple in the picture above? No? Just look at the picture again, you will notice a small hill-like thing behind the trees, look at the top of it there you will see a white coloured walls, that’s the temple of Lord Shiva. It’s not easy to go there, you can’t Take your vehicle above, you just have to climb to reach . I hope I get a chance to visit that temple! It’s on road which goes to bilaspur.
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